Greensboro Citizenship Attorney

An individual can become a United States citizen at birth, during childhood by virtue of a parent’s citizenship, or through a process called naturalization. The requirements for naturalization can be difficult to understand and cumbersome to pursue. At McKinney Immigration Law we will offer an individualized assessment of your ability to become a US citizen, draft the application and help you to document your case correctly and completely. In addition, our firm will conduct a mock “interview” to prepare you for the real thing.

Permanent Residents are often tempted to file their own applications for citizenship without first consulting with a qualified immigration attorney. It is very important that a potential applicant at least have an initial consultation to verify that they are in fact eligible, and that there aren’t any issues that could result in the applicant risking a loss of their permanent residence. Certain criminal convictions or life changes that might have happened to the applicant since the approval of their permanent residence might change the recommended course of action.

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